Water for Weight Loss

1. Water suppresses the appetite.
2. Water helps to metabolize stored fat efficiently
3. Water helps flush retained water (excess weight) out.
4. Water helps to rid body of salt.
5. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by preventing dehydration.
6. Water prevents sagging skin.
7. Water helps rid the body of wastes.
8. Water helps relieve constipation.
9. Water helps the kidneys to function properly which allows the liver to do  its job (metabolize stored fat) … but if
the liver has to do some of the kidneys
work because of lack of water FAT gets stored instead of metabolized... and weight loss STOPS.
10. When we get enough Water, our fluids become balanced, our endocrine gland function improves, fluid retention
is alleviated, more fat is used as fuel by the liver, natural thirst returns, and there is a loss of hunger... 

How much water should we drink???

2 quarts or 8 glasses or 3-4 water bottles

And the overweight person needs 8
more ounces for every 25 pounds of
excess weight. And drink more water
when you exercise or if the weather is
hot/dry !!!