Portion Sizes

Using visual guidelines help you get portion sizes under control. Proper portion control is essential to losing and maintaining your healthy weight.

Approximate Size Dry Measurements

3 ounces of chicken/beef = deck of cards

3ounces of tofu = cassette tape

3 ounces of fish =checkbook


1 Cup = baseball

1/2 Cup = light bulb

1/4 Cup = golf ball


Approximate Size Liquid Measurements

1 Tablespoon = poker chip

4 Tablespoons = golf ball

1 Teaspoon = marble

3-6 ounces = 6-12 dice




More tips for Portion Control:

Use smaller plates. It’s true, the dinner plates we use these days are 20% bigger than those of our grandparents.

Put your fork down between every bite. This forces you to eat slower, allowing your brain to catch up to your body.

Read nutrition labels carefully, pay close attention to the portion size.

Drink cold water before your meal.

Decide to save half of your meal for later (leftover for lunch the next day).

Deconstruct your dinner into smaller snacks for the week. For example, use your leftover chicken breast to make a low-fat chicken salad and serve it in celery sticks.