Healthy Snack Ideas

Deviled Eggs with Light or Fat-Free Mayonnaise

Light or Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Hard Boiled Egg

Extra Shake or Food Supplement

Grilled Chicken Nuggets

Lean Deli Meat (Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef) rolled with mustard

Loius Rich Carving Board Grilled Chicken Strips

Raw Vegetables (no carrots)

Steamed Vegetables w/ Light or Fat -Free Parmesan Cheese

Tuna, Egg. Shrimp, Chicken OR Crab Salad on Lettuce, cucumber or celery sticks

Shrimp Cocktail (not too much sauce)

Homemade Broth

Plain, Fat FreeYogurt

Dill Pickles

Sugar-Free Jello

Sugar-Free Popsicles

Sugar-Free Pudding
Crystal Light Sugar-Free Pops
Boar's Head brand deli meat Cajun Turkey with Dijon Mustard wrapped around a Claussen Pickle

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