The Path to a New You

By Michal Baird, M.D., Medical Director Metabolic Medical Center
"I want to lose weight–I need to lose weight"–How many times have you said these words to yourself? "I’ll do better tomorrow"– and you do…until late afternoon or evening hits and it all falls apart. This scenario plays out again and again.

Those of us at Metabolic Medical Center understand. We will guide you through that
never-ending cycle of:

  I'm tired, I'm too busy, Oops-what's there to eat?

Soon you’ll be saying, "I’ve got more energy than I’ve had in 10 years!"
Your new cycle will be:
I'm busy, I have a plan, I'm eating healthy food and have energy!

How Do We Do It?

We begin by getting to know you—your preferences and your lifestyle. Then we proceed to a medical evaluation that includes:

■ A full metabolic blood panel

■ An EKG

■ Body measurements

■ Blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height

You will visit with a technician who reviews all of our eating plans with you. A physician continues the evaluation by reviewing your medical history and performing a physical examination. We then provide you "your" customized eating plan.

As a full time physician with a full time family, I know what it is like to be busy. We will help you fit a healthy mindset into your contemporary American lifestyle, a lifestyle that is full of toddlers or teenagers (or both!), ballparks and weekend travel, and the demands of single parenthood. You’ve got precious little time for your health, or so you have come to believe.

Good Health and More Energy in Just Two Weeks

Metabolic Medical Center can get you on track for good health and more energy in as little as two weeks. We’ll address your needs and customize our eating plans to fit your personality, even if you say:

"I’m a picky eater!"

"I love my wine!"

"I love to graze and eat tailgate food!"

"I have to eat out for work."

"I eat what my kids eat (or don’t finish)."

You name it. We will help!
Most of our plans involve a blend of protein supplements and food. We get many compliments on our shakes. They are so good that a number of out-of-state folks order them online. We also have developed our own concoctions, such as Dr. B’s Magic Shake, a local favorite.

Our Goal For You
The eating plans also include vitamin supplements. We choose these with your current medications and needs in mind. Some of our patients take appetite suppressants; others do not. This option is guided by the patient’s medical history. Our goal is for you to have fun, lose weight, and get healthy and love life!
Metabolic Medical Center was born in 1996, lovingly put together by Dr. Douglas Jones, a local endocrinologist. Dr. Michal Baird came on board in 2003 and has been medical director since December 2005. We are one of the oldest weight loss centers in the Lowcountry, and our continued success bears out our experience and expertise. We opened our first office in Mt. Pleasant. Some of our patients were driving quite a distance to see us, so we opened satellite offices in West Ashley, Bluffton, Murrell’s Inlet and Columbia. The programs are the same, and you will see many of the same faces staffing each satellite. We encourage continuity. We are not a franchise. We are proud to be locally born and bred.

Chill Out, If it's cold, it's good

Chill Out, If it's cold, it's good. Avoid sugary sodas, alcoholic drinks, blended cocktails and fruit smoothies. Calories add up from sugar, alcohol, fruit and fats. These liquids don't fill you up or offer nutrients your body really needs for proper weight control and nutrition. These taste great going down, but leave you empty.

I'll just have a salad. Not all salads are created equally. Don't just assume that swapping a cold salad for a hot heavy meal is the answer. Watch your salads, avoid cheese, nuts, croutons, and mayo based salad dressing. These all add extra calories and fat that you will have to work off later.

Crash diets are okay if it's just a couple of days. Crash diets before that beach trip even if it's for "just a couple days" can do very serious harm to your body. Come to Metabolic for safe, supervised weight loss.

It's fruit so it must be healthy. Too much indulgence in summertime desserts leads to diet disaster.. Fruit is a slippery slope to sabotaging your diet. Keep fruit in check.

I'm sweating away all my fat. Just because you're sweating, doesn't mean your burning calories. If you're sitting in the sun, sweating and your heart rate isn't elevated, you're not burning calories. If you're exercising and your heart rate is elevated you're burning calories. Drink water to replenish. You are not sweating away your fat, you're sweating your good stuff.

11 Reasons to Slim Down During the Summer

Most of us resolve at the beginning of the year to lose weight and get ready for summer, but by the time summer hits that New's Years Resolution is a distant memory. Did you know that when the weather is warmer you actually have a better chance of losing weight AND keeping it off? Instead of losing weight and getting ready FOR summer let's lose weight DURING the summer.

Here's why summer is so successful:
1.) Let the Light Shine.
Sunshine, simple sunshine. You are generally happier, more motivated and more energetic in the summer due to the long sunlight hours. When the sun rises before 6 a.m. and sets after 9 p.m. you are more likely to be out, busy, and moving. Think of all the things you can get done before breakfast and after dinner.

2.) Hot and Heavy.
It's hot, do you really feel like eating that big, heavy meal? Hot weather is a natural appetite suppressant. It's easier to avoid fast food and processed food in the summer because you just don't want that "heavy" feeling.

3.) Take It All In.
Eat outside. Take a lite lunch to work and go outside during your break. You are more likely to slow down when you're outside watching birds (or people). Enjoy your break.

4.) Drink 'Til You Don't Drop.
Cold water goes down easy on a hot day. Sugary sodas will not quench your thirst like water will. Avoid sugary sodas and too many frozen alcoholic drinks they make you more thirsty and add empty calories. Also, avoid sport drinks, these are loaded with sugar,sodium and calories.

5.) Fresh and Fun.
Fresh vegetables from your local Farmer's Markets and roadside stands taste so much better than supermarket vegetables. Quality and freshness are always top notch from your local market, and the prices aren't bad either. Local markets and roadside stands will often throw in "freebies" like an extra tomato, squash or pepper.

6.) Storm the Docks!
Get to know your local Salty Dog. Fish, shrimp and crab have never been fresher than they are in the summer. Be there when the boats come in.

7.) Grillin' and Chillin'.
Grilling is a fast, easy and healthy cooking method that keeps your kitchen clean and cool.

8.) Dip More Than Your Toes.
Take advantage of your pool membership, local lakes, or the ocean. Why should the kids have all the fun? Swimming feels wonderful on a hot day as an exercise that keeps you cool. Enjoy it with the kids or a private respite for yourself.
Check out these great swim exercises.

9.) Polish Your Green Thumb.
If you want to grown your own vegetables, now's the time to do it. We are so blessed to live in an area that can successfully grow something or several things all year long. Taking care of your garden (large or small) is excellent exercise. Don't forget to plant fresh herbs! These plants are perfect for containers.

10.) Look for Deals.
(Here's a Metabolic secret) Our weight loss deals are better, look for buy one get one free deals. Like the ones at the bottom of this page.

11.) No waiting.
Our offices are not as crowded in the summer. You can get in, get out, and get on your way!