Chill Out, If it's cold, it's good

Chill Out, If it's cold, it's good. Avoid sugary sodas, alcoholic drinks, blended cocktails and fruit smoothies. Calories add up from sugar, alcohol, fruit and fats. These liquids don't fill you up or offer nutrients your body really needs for proper weight control and nutrition. These taste great going down, but leave you empty.

I'll just have a salad. Not all salads are created equally. Don't just assume that swapping a cold salad for a hot heavy meal is the answer. Watch your salads, avoid cheese, nuts, croutons, and mayo based salad dressing. These all add extra calories and fat that you will have to work off later.

Crash diets are okay if it's just a couple of days. Crash diets before that beach trip even if it's for "just a couple days" can do very serious harm to your body. Come to Metabolic for safe, supervised weight loss.

It's fruit so it must be healthy. Too much indulgence in summertime desserts leads to diet disaster.. Fruit is a slippery slope to sabotaging your diet. Keep fruit in check.

I'm sweating away all my fat. Just because you're sweating, doesn't mean your burning calories. If you're sitting in the sun, sweating and your heart rate isn't elevated, you're not burning calories. If you're exercising and your heart rate is elevated you're burning calories. Drink water to replenish. You are not sweating away your fat, you're sweating your good stuff.