Healthy Holiday Tips

Healthy Tips
Healthy Holidays Tips

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holiday celebrations are right around the corner. The holidays are a wonderful time of year that we look forward to spending with family and friends. While getting together with people we love brings joy, gathering around the dinner table may not. Holiday weight gain is the source of much anxiety as the thought of overeating and giving in to food temptations approach. Keep these 3 tips in mind:

Control Freak (in a good way)
If you’re in charge of the dinner, then you’re in charge of how it’s cooked. You plan the meal, you get the groceries and you cook the food. A little time spent searching “healthy holiday” meal recipes and you’ve got it covered. An added bonus to cooking healthier; it usually ends up taking less time in the kitchen and less mess on the counters than traditional holiday cooking. The same idea applies to “bring a dish” events, try that new vegetable side dish and let someone else bring the cheese dip.

What’s for Dinner?
Make over your holiday meals. What they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em. You can have your favorites, just healthier. A few substations and they’ll never know the difference. Focus on simple substitutions whenever you can. For example, replace high fat butter in recipes with healthier fats like olive oil, or full fat dairy products with low-fat versions. Look for creative ways to add flavor without adding salt like flavored vinegars, ethnic spices and fresh herbs.

Keep It Real
Be realistic around the holiday events. Realism will keep your spirits up and your weight down. Don’t skip meals or try to “save up” for that big dinner you know is coming. When you skip meals, you set your body up to overeat later and that brings up guilty feelings. Instead, eat a good breakfast loaded with lean protein for energy and eat healthy snacks throughout the day. You’ll enjoy that special meal just as much without the guilt that comes with it.

Enjoy the holiday parties and people that come with them. Incorporate healthy recipes into your holiday meals. In the long run, your body will thank you.