Plie' Squat

Is it any wonder why dancers have such toned legs? This is a move they constantly do for warm ups and cool downs. If you stand in front of a mirror you can watch your muscles tone up right before your eyes.
This does require some balance so if you're feeling "wobbly" grab the back of a chair for support. The most important thing while exercising is keeping good form.
  1. Stand with feet together, toes turned out slightly, arms by your sides.
  2. Step your left foot out to the side so that your feet are wider than shoulder width apart and toes are turned out. Lower into a plie' squat, bring your arms out to the sides at about chest level.
  3. Step the right leg next to the left, then rise tall on the toes.
  4. Lower the heels and repeat with the right foot to complete.

 Do 2 sets of 10 reps.
Benefits of Stretching

Stretching helps prevent serious and costly injury to ligaments, muscles and bones. It is an essential part of daily activity and especially important before and after strenuous activity. Basic stretches don’t have to take a lot of time and can be done anywhere, from getting out of bed in the morning, watching TV, or at the office.

Stretching improves:
• Flexibility
• Resistance to injury
• Happiness
• Stress levels
• Balance
• Circulation
• Posture
• Strength
• Joint lubrication

Shoulder Stretch
1. Get on your hands and knees. Knees are hip-width apart, hands are directly under shoulders.
2. Flatten your back.
3. Sit back towards your legs and heels, reach your arms in front of you as your try to touch the floor with your forehead.
4. Hold 10-30 seconds
5. Repeat 3-5 times

Chest Stretch

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, chin forward and hands clasped behind your back.
2. Pull your shoulders down and back and squeeze your shoulder blades. Slowly raise your clasped hands up your back.
3. Tighten your abdomen so that your back does not arch.
4. Hold 10-30 seconds.
5. Repeat 3-5 times.

Arm Stretch

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Reach up with your right arm, bend your right elbow and bring your hand down between your shoulder blades.
3. With your left arm, reach up and grab your right elbow, pulling your elbow toward your head.
4. Hold 20 - 30 seconds.
5. Repeat with the left arm.
6. Repeat 3 - 5 times on each side.

Back Stretch

1. Lie on your back, with your hands behind your head, elbows on the floor.
2. Keep your feet and legs together; bend your legs at the knees so your thighs and calves are at a 90-degree angle.
3. Roll both knees to the right while keeping your shoulders on the floor.
4. Hold 20 - 30 seconds and return to the start position.
5. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Leg Stretch
1. Lie on your back with knees up and feet flat on the floor.
2. Lift your right leg up and hold behind the knee with both hands.
3. Pull the leg toward your chest to the point of a mild stretch. Keep a slight bend at your knee.
4. Hold 10 - 30 seconds, return to the start position.
5. Repeat on the left side.
6. Repeat 3 - 5 times on each side.

Love Handle Leg Lift

It's getting closer and closer to shorts, skirts and beachwear. Target those hard to get areas (hips and butt).

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms reaching forward at the shoulder level, palms facing each other.

Lift the right leg behind you as high as possible, toes pointed (unless you cramp, flex your feet instead), leaning forward slightly.

Lower the right leg toward the floor without touching and repeat the lift.

Do 10 reps. Switch legs and repeat. Do 2 sets on each leg.

Make it harder: Do 10 pulses at the top of every leg lift! 

Weight Loss in Mt. Pleasant SC

weight loss map of mt. pleasant

Weight Loss in Mt. Pleasant SC

If you are looking for a weight loss specialist in Mt. Pleasant, SC - try Metabolic Medical Centers. Metabolic weight loss has been around for over 15 years and have helped thousands of Mt. Pleasant residents lose weight.

Weight loss Office in Mt. Pleasant

The Metabolic Medical Center office is located @ 570 Long Point Road, Mt. Pleasant SC.
Call 843.971.1919 for information.

Metabolic Medical Center Features
  1. Weight Loss specialist in Mt. Pleasant SC
  2. Board Certified Physicians
  3. All weight loss products provided with programs
  4. Best weight loss office in Mt. Pleasant
  5. Professional Staff
If you are looking for medical weight loss in Mt. Pleasant SC, look no further. Metabolic Medical Centers will help you lose weight fast and safely.

Mt. Pleasant Weight Loss Office

Metabolic Medical Centers
570 Long Point Road (in the Roper Bldg)
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Official Website: Metabolic Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant

Metabolic Medical Centers of Mt. Pleasant
570 Long Point Road
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464

Fiber: A Bitter Pill to Swallow, Until Now

You may notice when beginning a weight loss program at Metabolic Medical Center that you may be restricted from certain fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. We restrict these sources of fiber because they also contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. We offer patients a dietary supplement in the form of oat bran, or you may use an over the counter supplement (Metamucil, Benefiber, Citrucel, etc.)

As you begin to ad more whole foods to your specific diet, and maintain your weight, your dietary fiber needs change. Be sure to discuss this with your MMC physician. Fiber comes from all plants that are eaten as food and are considered either soluble or insoluble sources of fiber.
Soluble and Insoluble

Soluble fiber
dissolves in water and slows digestion, helping you feel fuller, longer. Slowing digestions keeps your blood sugar levels steady and prevents spikes (sugar rush) in the blood. It also helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol) by preventing the absorption of cholesterol.

Best food sources: apples (with the skin), oranges, pears, strawberries, flaxseed, beans, cucumbers. celery, carrots

Insoluble Fiber does not dissolve in water and passes directly into the digestive tract. It speeds the passage of food and waste. This type of fiber has a laxative effect and helps prevents constipation.
Best food sources: whole grains, bran, couscous, corn, brown rice, root vegetables, raisins, grapes

Eating foods high in insoluble fiber (carbohydrates) can leave you feeling hungry soon after eating them.

Always refer to your personal food list according to your dietary needs for appropriate fiber needs.

Metabolic Medical Centers

Fatty Acids | Metabolic Medical Center

Fill up on Omega-3 fatty acids and you’ll do your body good. See and feel the benefits of this "good for you" fat from head to toe. These fats have been proven to ease joint pain caused by arthritis, decrease triglyceride and bad cholesterol levels, lower high blood pressure and so much more. Unfortunately, your body can’t produce this essential fatty acid on its own but luckily, we can get enough Omega-3 through the food we eat. There are tons of good foods out there that should be a part of your daily diet. Metabolic Medical Center promotes a healthy diet with Omega-3 fat as the main fat source.

Top 10 Foods Highest in Omega 3:

Flaxseed Oil 12059mg
Salmon 7828mg
Walnuts 2776mg
Basil 2747mg
Canned Grape Leaves 2443mg
Broccoli 2346mg
Spinach 2183mg
Tarragon 2004mg
Oyster 1963mg

Daily recommended requirement vary for each person between 300mg and 1000mg (1 gram) per day

Benefits of Omega 3 :

• Protects against stroke.
Keeps blood from excessive clotting.

• Reduced risk of obesity.
Improves the body’s ability to respond to and use insulin effectively.

• Healthy cell growth.
Every cell membrane is made of fatty acid. It allows nutrients in and waste out.

• Reduced Bad (LDL) Cholesterol.

• Raises Good (HDL) Cholesterol.

• Lowers blood pressure.

• Skin disorders.
Shows less sensitivity to sun damage.

• Less likely to have macular degeneration.
Age related eye condition that can lead to blindness.

• Reduced risk of colon, breast and prostate cancer.
Since every cell is made of fatty acid, when it reproduces it’s a healthy cell.  

• Inflammation reduction.
Reduces inflammation all over the body. Omega-3 acts a lubricant between the joints and eases arthritis symptoms.

Metabolic Medical Center

Weight Loss Plateau | Metabolic Medical Center

Weight Loss Plateau
You keep your appointment, follow your program, drink water, watch what you eat, so why did the weight loss stop? You have just hit a plateau. It’s normal and happens to virtually everyone at some
point(s) while losing weight.

What is a weight loss plateau?
A weight loss plateau is a period of time (at least 2 weeks)when your weight loss stops despite healthy diet and exercise. When this happens, losing more weight becomes very difficult. Frustrating as it is, if you’re prepared, you can fight it.

Why does this happen?
A rapid drop in weight is normal in the first few weeks, it is very exciting and extremely motivating. This happens because when calories are reduced, your body gets its energy from glycogen (type of carbohydrate stored in the muscles and liver) and glycogen holds water, ther
fore when glycogen is burned for energy, it releases water, resulting in weight loss that is mostly water. Losing water weight is the first step to permanent weight loss. You want your body to use water and eliminate it, not store it. Next, a shift occurs in the body with your metabolism. When you lose weight, you lose both fat and muscle, we work with this shift so that you lose fat and protect muscle.

What can you do about it?
• Keep your next appointment.
Tell your med tech and your physician if you have reached a plateau. They will help you figure out what is going on depending on your program, lifestyle, where you are in your weight loss journey or if there are any medical issues. This is a delicate issue and very personal to each patient.
• Add calories, specifically protein.
Depending on your program and health needs, you may need to add
more protein to your diet. Just 100 calories in either direction can make a difference.
• Subtract calories, specifically carbohydrates.
Vegetables have complex carbohydrates, some have
more than others. Eat less yellow and white vegetables and more green for a few days.
• Start an exercise program.
This may be your body’s way of telling you it’s time to start exercising.
• Vary your current exercise program.
Try increasing the amount of weight you use or reps you do. Increase your cardio time by 3 minute increments.
• Drink more water.
Make sure you are drinking all your water for the day.
Most importantly, don’t get frustrated and beat yourself up. A little adjustment here and there and you will be seeing those scale numbers drop. Remember it is normal and Metabolic can get you through it!

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