Is the Butter Queen to Blame?

Editorial: Susan Jones
Paula Deen has come under attack very recently for promoting her style of cooking while having had Type 2 Diabetes for 3 years. There are sighs of "I told you so" and a lot of  "What did you expect", but how much blame should she take? She is cetainly not the cause of poor eating habits and Type 2 Diabetes in America, but she does raise the issues of moderation and self-control.

Is it really her job or any other chef/cook's job to determine our self-control and moderation in the foods we eat?

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Weight loss goals in 2012

1. Be Specific. Reflect on 2011. Identify triggers, situations, and habits that were not healthy. Take time to think about what you’d like to accomplish in the new year with your weight loss.
     • Do you think there may be medical problem?
     • Do you eat when you are stressed out?
     • Do you eat when you are bored?
It isn’t always about willpower. Medical problems can make losing weight difficult. If there is a medical problem, we can help.
2. Help Others as You Help Yourself. Clean out your pantry and donate your non-perishables to a local food bank, homeless shelter or church. This will lift your spirits, feed others, and rid your home of a few temptations.
After you’ve lost weight, you can donate your clothes too!
3. Make a Step-by-Step Plan. Using Metabolic to help you is a perfect place to start.
Step 1) Identify any medical issues that might be getting in the way of your health and treat them.
Step 2) Follow your customized weight loss program.
Step 3) Utilize your med tech, physician and our web site to give you insight and encouragement whenever you want it!
Step 4) Enjoy the results- weight loss, reduced medication costs, more energy, improved quality of life.
4. Keep a Journal. It’s meaningful to see your thoughts in black and white. Record your ideas, potential questions to ask on your next visit, message board topics you find interesting, or just some encouraging words to yourself.
5. Buddy Up. Everything is easier with friends. Make your appointments with friends, family, coworkers and you’ll be amazed at how well you both progress. Use facebook page for some cyber-cheer leading.
6. Lighten Up. It’s tempting to criticize yourself if you slip up. If you do stumble, just look at what happened and what you could have done differently… then start again renewed and refreshed.
7. Reward Yourself, Creatively. Your success is exciting no matter how big or small. Reward yourself with new clothing, a massage from the spa, or that novel you’ve wanted to read and the time to read it.
8.Avoid Negativity. Surround yourself with as many positive people, situations, and words as you can.
9. Re-Think “Diet”. It’s not just a “diet”. You are learning to change your life in order to be more active, live longer, and improve your quality of life.
10. Be Patient. Learning a new way to cook, eat and think about food takes time, but you can do it. Ask questions,seek advice and soon you’ll be offering your own expertise.
11. Post It. Post encouraging and motivating words in places only you can see them, i.e. your computer monitor, dashboard, mirror. Be creative.

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It is cold outside - Have a Profast hot Drink

When it gets cold out, I like to fix a nice cup of hot chocolate. Not the regular one, but the one that is good for you.
You might as well get your protein while thinking your cheating on your diet. There are so many flavors to try.

Metabolic Medical Centers carry a wide variety; not only at each office, but online. You can go to to look at all the flavors.

Or, if you like;
check out the Vanilla Cappuccino here:  This is one of my favorites. I use this in my cafe instead of milk and sugar. It is a great way to get your morning protein in.

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Great tips for Busy Mom's

"Knowing is half the battle", and if you know what’s coming, you’ll be able to fight temptation. Grocery stores have worked with marketing companies for years to entice shoppers to splurge. MMC patients run the risk of gaining pounds while losing money.

Kids eye it and you buy it.
Moms are familiar with this scenario: Your kids see sugary processed cereals with cartoon characters. Supermarkets put them on lower shelves on purpose, at your kids eye level. This is true for the candy and ice cream aisles too.Talk to your children about healthier breakfast choices that will grow them up taller, stronger, faster and smarter.

Keep on Truckin’.

It’s smart business for supermarkets to put random sugary temptations like Twinkies, near your usual purchases. It’s harder to keep moving when they’re in your face. They place them on end caps of aisles too, to get those shoppers that run in for "just a sec".

Beware of "Diet", "Low-Calorie" & "Fat-Free".

Check those fat-free cookies, they’re not calorie free or sugar free. Low-calorie crackers aren’t carbohydrate free or fat free. Claims like "reduces the risk of heart disease" fool us into believing the food better for us than it really is. Try comparing the "fat-free" alternative to the regular item and see for yourself. Stick to the whole foods that you know are healthy, lean meat and fresh vegetables.

Smell the calories.

Walk in and smell fresh bread, fried chicken or cookies. Now try not to buy.

The sense of smell is strong but you are stronger. Think to yourself, "It’s only a tactic to get me to stray from my diet"

It’s an old trick that not only supermarkets use, but real estate agents. Fresh homemade cookie smells make people happy, therefore they’ll buy more.

Today’s Special.

Today’s bargain meal deal is frozen fried fish, ab frozen bag of french fries and dessert. There’s a reason salads aren’t usually in the bargain: cost of production and perishability. These meals are cheap, they sell well. Remember, they’re selling convenience, not health.

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Metabolic Medical Center Shake Recipes

Metabolic Shake Recipes
Enjoy some of these weight loss shake recipes.

“Very Chocolate”
8oz. cold water
ice cubes
1 tsp. chocolate extract
Blend Until Smooth

“Chocolate Nut Fudge”
1pkg chocolate shake mix
8oz. cold water
ice cubes
1 tsp. walnut extract

Blend Until Smooth

“Dr. Pepper Delight”
1pkg chocolate shake mix
8oz. Diet Dr. Pepper
ice cubes
2-3 drops vanilla extract
Stir Gently Until Smooth
(Do not use a blender with carbonated drinks)
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Blasting Belly Fat

Blasting Belly Fat

by Metabolic Medical Center on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 10:11am

Considered just a part of getting older, an expanding waistline has become something to accept, like wrinkles. Increasing belly fat is more dangerous than just putting an eye out from a popped jeans button. Belly fat has been linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers.

What is belly fat?

Belly fat is not isolated as an extra layer sitting just below the skin of your belly and mid section. It includes visceral fat _fat that surrounds internal organs. Some visceral fat is fine, in fact it’s needed to protect your organs and keep them functioning properly.
Why belly fat is dangerous?
Too much visceral fat effects hormone levels, raises blood pressure, raises cholesterol, and inhibits the body’s ability to use insulin. What makes this particularly misleading is that you may be in a "normal" weight range based on BMI measurements.

What can we do about it?
The good news, this fat comes off quickly. Metabolic Medical Centers are very familiar with treating the reasons behind belly fat. It’s why we run such extensive tests when you become a new patient. We focus on lowering simple carbohydrates and adding more lean protein to help retain muscle mass.

What should I eat?
Avoid "white" carbs like white bread, pasta and rice, yes they are low in fat but they spike blood sugar which stress your body from the inside and make you hungrier. Eating whole grains, salmon, and using olive oil keeps inner stress down.

What should I do?
Talk to your doctor before you begin any type of exercise program. To blast that belly, do high intensity then low intensity cardio interval training You should be monitored by a fitness professional who can devise a plan and monitor your form. Avoid targeted abdominal (crunches, sit-ups, etc) exercises. You will build up muscle that sits behind the fat.

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