Great tips for Busy Mom's

"Knowing is half the battle", and if you know what’s coming, you’ll be able to fight temptation. Grocery stores have worked with marketing companies for years to entice shoppers to splurge. MMC patients run the risk of gaining pounds while losing money.

Kids eye it and you buy it.
Moms are familiar with this scenario: Your kids see sugary processed cereals with cartoon characters. Supermarkets put them on lower shelves on purpose, at your kids eye level. This is true for the candy and ice cream aisles too.Talk to your children about healthier breakfast choices that will grow them up taller, stronger, faster and smarter.

Keep on Truckin’.

It’s smart business for supermarkets to put random sugary temptations like Twinkies, near your usual purchases. It’s harder to keep moving when they’re in your face. They place them on end caps of aisles too, to get those shoppers that run in for "just a sec".

Beware of "Diet", "Low-Calorie" & "Fat-Free".

Check those fat-free cookies, they’re not calorie free or sugar free. Low-calorie crackers aren’t carbohydrate free or fat free. Claims like "reduces the risk of heart disease" fool us into believing the food better for us than it really is. Try comparing the "fat-free" alternative to the regular item and see for yourself. Stick to the whole foods that you know are healthy, lean meat and fresh vegetables.

Smell the calories.

Walk in and smell fresh bread, fried chicken or cookies. Now try not to buy.

The sense of smell is strong but you are stronger. Think to yourself, "It’s only a tactic to get me to stray from my diet"

It’s an old trick that not only supermarkets use, but real estate agents. Fresh homemade cookie smells make people happy, therefore they’ll buy more.

Today’s Special.

Today’s bargain meal deal is frozen fried fish, ab frozen bag of french fries and dessert. There’s a reason salads aren’t usually in the bargain: cost of production and perishability. These meals are cheap, they sell well. Remember, they’re selling convenience, not health.

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