Metabolic Medical Center Turns 20!

Twenty years ago, a physician had a vision. The late Dr. Douglas J. Jones, Jr., M.D., saw a need for South Carolina to have a carefully designed, personally tailored weight-loss program.
Dr. Jones
Taking his specialized knowledge in obesity, diabetes, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis, and weight management, Dr. Jones developed metabolic programs that factor in your specific weight-loss needs based on your family history, medical lab results, personal goals and your lifestyle.

His mission was to help individuals become healthier and lose weight by maintaining a minimum loss of 10% of their body weight. His approach was to treat each patient with compassion and encouragement in pursuing these challenging goals. 

Full of charisma, Dr. Jones had a knack for being able to help patients who felt that weight loss and diabetes management was hopeless. He also felt that the time had come for middle America to be able to afford a weight loss system accessible and supervised through licensed medical doctors. The development of “Business Best Practices” created a balance in medical protocols within a non-insurance, preventative health model. He further established a positive, supportive working environment that has resulted in many colleagues who have been with the company for years.
Charleston Area Team
Twenty years ago these two seemingly contrasting elements converged and Metabolic Medical Center was born. Beginning in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and spreading to Charleston, Columbia, Murrell’s Inlet and Bluffton, Metabolic Medical Center expanded to help patients all over the state.
Bluffton Area Team
As the Metabolic Medical Centers began to help more and more patients, it also attracted the talents of multiple medical doctors. Dr. Jones’ successor, Dr. Michal Baird, M.D., continues his mission and goal for quality service while enhancing the Metabolic Medical Center’s programs in healthy recipes and practical applications.

With their varying medical backgrounds, Drs. Michal Baird, M.D., John Parker, M.D., Dr. Jane L. Tyler, M.D., Dr. G. Dennis Vaughan III, M.D., and Dr. Peter Zvejnieks, M.D., combine their specialized skills with a dedication to helping patients with weight loss and healthy lifestyle development. Together, they continue the Dr. Jones’ legacy of creating a welcoming, compassionate, and supportive environment for patients and colleagues alike.
Columbia Area Team
For twenty years, Metabolic Medical Center has been helping South Carolinians with weight loss, diabetes management, and developing healthier lifestyles.

Come celebrate our 20th anniversary in July and August!

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