The Magic Key to Weight Loss Motivation

Do you have difficulties staying with a diet? What if you had a magic key that unlocked the secrets of healthy weight loss so you could look in the mirror and suddenly be amazed at how great you look?

What if I told you that there is a magic key and it is within your reach? The key to weight loss is called “motivation”.

It’s a magic key in the sense that, when you are highly motivated, the door is open, the path is clear, and what seemed difficult before is now something you know you can and will do.

So how do we get motivated for weight loss? After all, motivation seems like a mystery to many: something that others seem to have but that can be elusive when you really need it. But it doesn’t have to be elusive or mysterious. You just have to know how. This blog post is intended to erase the mystery and give you the power to decide how motivated you want to be to lose weight, the ability to create that motivation for yourself, and the confidence to apply it to a weight loss plan that works.

We’ve all had times we’ve been motivated.

Can you remember such a time in your own life? It doesn’t matter what you were motivated about, just remember a time when you felt really motivated to do something meaningful to you.  Can you imagine how things would be different if you could use that level of motivation to make the improvements in eating habits and lifestyle you are choosing to make now? You can.

Let’s make motivation simple by considering two main parts: The feeling of motivation itself, and what you use that motivation to do. It’s important to choose the right doors to open with your key.

It can be tricky to set goals for weight loss, which is one reason that some people gain back the weight they’ve lost. Part of it is setting the right kind of goals, goals that open the door to success. Having the right kind of weight loss goals continually builds confidence in your ability to make the desired changes in your body.

When you first begin, weight loss is rapid and having an experience of success gets you over the hump of establishing new habits and makes you feel great about what you are doing.  As you get past the initial stages of rapid weight loss, you should focus your motivation on other types of goal, such as the development of healthier eating habits and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

Before you know it, you can transition to an identity of a “new you” who naturally lives a healthy life and has a healthy weight. Given that we live in a society that pulls us away from good health in so many ways, having support and coaching to help develop motivation and goals for healthy living can ensure you’ll open the door to a meaningful, enjoyable future.