Plie' Squat

Is it any wonder why dancers have such toned legs? This is a move they constantly do for warm ups and cool downs. If you stand in front of a mirror you can watch your muscles tone up right before your eyes.
This does require some balance so if you're feeling "wobbly" grab the back of a chair for support. The most important thing while exercising is keeping good form.
  1. Stand with feet together, toes turned out slightly, arms by your sides.
  2. Step your left foot out to the side so that your feet are wider than shoulder width apart and toes are turned out. Lower into a plie' squat, bring your arms out to the sides at about chest level.
  3. Step the right leg next to the left, then rise tall on the toes.
  4. Lower the heels and repeat with the right foot to complete.

 Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

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