Easter Ideas without Candy

Take the focus off the big eared bunny,
marshmallow peeps, and jellybeans.

Buy a puzzle and hide the pieces in different eggs. When everyone finds the eggs the family puts the puzzle together.

Create a scavenger hunt to the basket. Start with an egg that holds the first clue. That clue takes them to another egg and so on until they find their basket.

Fill the eggs with Scrabble letters (or you can make your own) to spell out a "secret code" message when all the eggs are found.

Fill them with legos, and when they're all found,build something.

Other ideas for eggs:

flower/vegetable seeds
hot wheels cars
rubber balls
silly putty

play dough
jewelry (nice for an adult too)
mini nail polish
lip gloss/chap stick
hair ribbons
ponytail holders

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