The Great Reveal

America's love affair with fast food is no secret. It's a cheap, easy way to feed yourself and your family; and it tastes good. We enter this relationship aware of the cautionary tales (salt, saturated fat, weight gain, etc). It's what we don't know thats dangerous.

The Reveal? Fast food restaurants are aware of what you know about their food. It's what you don't know that might hurt you.

Many fast-food chains use a food additive called propylene glycol. It keeps moisture in frozen food to help enhance flavor and keep food "juicy"  when finally cooked.

Fast food is not always fresh food. It is covered with preservatives so that when it sits in the warming drawers it is less likely to spoil.
While you may think that ordering chicken in a fast food restaurant will save you some calories, it might but know how it will be cooked. Sometimes that "healthier choice" is cooked with butter or oil to prevent sticking and to add flavor.

Looking Forward
Americans are still busy and fast food is always a temptation.  Our tastes are changing and fast food restaurants are making great strides to keep up. Food tastes are moving away from greasy and toward fresh.

Stay in the know. Most fast food restaurants are posting their nutritional information on the menu, at the counter, on the sign at the drive thru, or on your phone app. 

Re-wrap. Lettuce wraps are an excellent alternative to high calorie sandwich bread and sandwich shops are listening. Jimmy John's and many others have lettuce wrap sandwiches on the menu.

Free-dom. Fat -free mayo and salad dressings are more prevalent and offered as an alternative.

Think Small. Smaller portions are now available (think dollar menus).