The Power of Produce

See how fresh produce can fuel your weight loss.

Metabolic Medical Center is ready to give you the tools you need to succeed with
your weight loss. It's no secret WE LOVE VEGETABLES!!! but, have you ever wondered
why we love vegetables so much? Vegetables, especially fresh vegetables hold secrets to
successful weight loss.

  • Vegetables contain fiber and fiber helps keep you feeling full and satisfied making you less likely to overeat
  • As you consider adding more vegetables to your diet, you being to think about other foods that may need to be limited from your diet
  • Mindful eating will quickly snowball into other mindful health choices
  • The more different your vegetable choices are the more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you get naturally

How to add vegetables throughout your day:
  • 1 handful of raw kale to your morning smoothie, blend well (you'll never know it's there)
  • Add spinach to your lunch time salad instead of plain lettuce
  • Try one new vegetable 1 time per week with dinner
  • Snack on raw veggies throughout your day
Have other ideas? Share them with us!