The Truth about Fad Diets from Metabolic Medical Center

Many Metabolic patients come to us after having tried at least one fad diet. They feel discouraged and wonder what they've done wrong. Most likely they experienced some success but realized very quickly their results weren't realistic, sustainable or healthy.
Spreading the word about a fad diet is easy, identifying a fad diet can be difficult.
A diet to lose weight, feel better and be healthier must have proper balanced nutrition, be sustainable over time, and safe. Learn about Metabolic Medical Center Programs and choose a diet that you won't regret.

Top 10 Ways to Identify a Fad Diet

1) Eating only one kind of food.
This is not only boring, but your body isn’t getting the proper nutrition from just one food.

2) No exercise, ever again.
Exercise is not required to lose weight, however, exercise is necessary for weight maintenance and over all body health.

3)Food timing and food combining.
This is the idea that if you eat the same food in the same combination at the same time everyday you will lose weight. While eating every few hours is important to maintain blood sugar and prevent peaks and valleys but that effects how you feel, not your weight.

4) The magic pill.
There is no magic pill. There are appetite suppressants but you are responsible for the food that goes into your mouth.

5) Any diet that does not modify as you lose weight.
As your body loses weight, it becomes healthy and your needs change.

6) Unsupervised low-calorie diet.
Being left on your own to figure out a low calorie diet is very dangerous.

7) Too low in vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and/or protein.
Some fad diets will cut out good for you foods and not provide guildlines for adding these back into your diet.

8) All the focus is on the weight loss.
There’s is more to health than just losing weight. You must know how to maintain you weight and overall health of your body.

9) Companies that claim you can only lose weight using their products.
Weight loss aides such as shakes, meal replacements, medicines etc. are just aides to make weight loss easier, they are not required to lose weight.

10) No credible scientific medical research.

Metabolic Medical Center is not a fad diet. We have been helping thousands of people lose weight for more than 15 years.
Fad diets do not last 15 years. Come to the medical specialist and lose the weight.

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