The Biggest Secret Saboteur to Holiday Weight Loss and How to Manage It

The holiday season is a time of feasting and fellowship. The calendar is filled with shopping and social events. Some of you thrive on the hustle and bustle. Some of you love participating in a variety of events throughout the community. 

Not even colder weather can keep you away. Whether it’s just a shopping trip, a local festival, or a social gathering of family and friends, local businesses and holiday hosts have found a way to keep you warm and in good cheer.

But those of you with dedicated weight maintenance and weight loss plans are navigating a holiday minefield of tempting and tasty seasonal morsels and flavor combinations.

The holidays have a secret weapon sabotaging your weight loss, and you rarely see it coming.

What is this weight loss saboteur, you ask? That holiday drink in your hand.
That’s right. You’ve all seen the advertisements at the coffee shops and festival booths. Pumpkin spice, creme brûlée, peppermint, gingerbread, eggnog flavors in a latte, mocha or hot cocoa and cider. And you’ve been going more social engagements that have many alcoholic versions of the aforementioned drinks as well as other cocktails, beer, and wine.

These holiday saboteurs can completely derail your weight loss goals with their added calories, added sugars, added cravings for other foods.

With a little preplanning and a little forethought, you can still enjoy these tasty beverages and stay on target with your weight loss:

  • Know that some drinks make you hungrier than others.
  • Make and bring your own drinks. Some weight loss programs have specifically formulated beverage options as part of the weight plan.
  • Scout out the menus ahead of time, if possible. Knowing what’s being offered will help you make smart choices.
  • Pick lower-calorie drink options: like a wine spritzer instead of eggnog, a warm cider instead of mint mocha. 
  • Ask for low-calorie versions: almond or skim milk, sugar-free flavored syrups,  or diet soda in your cocktails.
  • Say no to the extra toppings added to your beverage, like whipped cream, chocolate shavings, sprinkles.
  • Ask for alcohol-free versions of a drink.
  • Ask for taller,skinnier glasses or order the smaller size.
  • Drink more water.
  • Limit the amount of drinks your having, especially alcoholic drinks which may lower your inhibitions about eating more food.

Even the most conscientious of you make room for holiday indulgences. Many of these festive drinks, often desserts in disguise, won’t satisfy your hunger. Being aware of the pitfalls of holiday drinks and strategies to avoid the extra calories will help you manage your weight loss throughout the festive holiday season.

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