4 Types of Kitchen Gadgets for Fun Meals

We all know that making meals at home is of paramount importance when it comes to sticking to your weight loss goals. The kitchen becomes the most important room in the house. We can guarantee that our meals aren't packed with mystery ingredients, excess salt or sugar.

Sometimes we need a little help. Some of us aren't comfortable in the kitchen. Some of us are pressed for time. Some of us know the challenge of creating visually appealing meals that the entire family will devour as well as creating great tasting healthy meals.

Luckily, there are tools for meal preparation in the beginning stages of cooking as well as the final touches before serving, tools and appliances for cooking, tools for portion control, storage and access to help us out. It's a gadget-lover's paradise.

Tools for Prepping before Cooking or Serving
                                        • superb quality sharp knives
                                        • peeler
                                        • spiral slicer
                                        • apple divider
                                        • garlic press
                                        • mini chopper for vegetables
                                        • citrus zester or grater
                                        • herb-grinding mill
                                        • immersion blender
                                        • salad spinner
                                        • pasta measure
                                        • oil mister
Tools for Cooking
                                        • measuring spoons and cups
                                        • slotted spoons
                                        • cast iron skillet
                                        • roasting pans with grates
                                        • non-stick cookware
                                        • steamer
                                        • pressure cooker
                                        • muffin tin
                                        • fat-separating pitcher
(Some tools have appliance versions, and some appliances have multiple options)
                                        • steamer
                                        • rice cooker
                                        • slow cooker
                                         • dehydrator
                                        • pressure cooker
                                        • toaster oven
                                        • blender
                                        • food processor
                                        • juicer
                                        • popcorn popper
                                        • microwave
                                        • soda maker
Other Items
                                        • food scale
                                        • instant read thermometer
                                        • smaller plates
                                        • smaller glasses
                                        • dishes already at certain measuring cut sizes for eating
                                        • herb keeper
                                        • clear storage containers for food prep or leftovers
When you have gadgets like these handy, meal prep becomes much more interesting. It can become a family activity for healthier eating. Contact your weight loss guides at the Metabolic Medical Centers to discuss incorporating a interesting recipes with the helpful kitchen tools into your new healthy eating lifestyle.

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