Great Tasting Food can be Good for You Too!

There has been a war for your taste buds, and you didn’t even know it. And that war has affected good tasting food and your nutrition.

Thanks to 20th century advancements of processed foods to prolong the shelf-life of food products, we are in a constant battle against excessive amounts of salt, fat and sugar.

Food manufacturers deliberately engineer and market foods that taste too good. These foods makes us want to keep eating even if we are full. We crave them. They are often easy to eat, and give us immediate satisfaction.
Our taste buds, which are limited in number and decline as we age, have become unaccustomed to the wide variety of natural flavors associated with different types of food. Many of us have forgotten or never learned how to select and prepare a variety of natural foods.

But good nutrition doesn’t have to taste bad.
Flavor is is the body’s way of identifying important nutrients and remembering what foods they come from. - Fred Provenza, behavioral ecologist and professor emeritus at Utah State University  
So it’s time to retrain your tastebuds, learn some new skills, and understand that the nutritional value of food is just as important as enjoyment and taste:
Pick the best possible ingredients, as fresh as possible. Make plants the main attraction.

Choose local products as much as possible.

Take a cooking class to learn how to prepare and serve foods at their optimum temperatures.

Spice it up. Adding dried herbs and spices can enhance the subtle flavors in your food.

Eat a variety at every meal that taps into all 5 taste buds: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami.

Learn the history of your favorite dish or style of cuisine, and learn how to make it from scratch.

Use all five senses during your meal.

Make mealtime an event. 

It may take a little time to readjust and appreciate the way good food tastes, but your body will thank you.

The knowledge staff at Metabolic Medical Center will help you redevelop your taste

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