4 Weight Management Strategies for the Upcoming Holiday Feasting Season

Let the Feasting Season Commence! 
You may think it’s a little early, it’s never too soon to think about Thanksgiving.

With Halloween just barely past, you’re probably still in your Halloween candy management mode. As the unofficial start of the holiday feasting season with a primary focus on store-bought candy, you might not be thinking of the next big event.

Luckily you have plenty of time to think about your Thanksgiving strategy. But it’s not just about Thanksgiving, is it? Think of all the holiday parties coming up in December. Then a New Years Eve and New Years Day festivities.
Folks often gain one to seven pounds over the course of the holiday season. Even more alarming is that much of the weight stays permanently. Repeat this cycle, year after year, and the weight gain during the holidays becomes a national pastime.
Holiday weight gain has become a national pastime.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. With all of the delicious temptations, including decadent desserts, interesting appetizers, holiday cocktails, and traditional comfort foods, it’s time to take back the holidays: instead of thinking of the holidays in terms of weight gain, it’s time to focus on weight maintenance and weight loss:

1. Plan ahead. 
    • Before any holiday events start filling your calendar, take a proactive approach to your weight
    • Make your daily and weekly meal plan menus.
    • Integrate more fitness into your daily routine.
2. Review your social commitments
    • Keep your calendar in constantly in sight.
    • As your calendar fills up with social engagements, you can see where you will need to adapt
       your meal planning strategy.
    • Incorporate holiday fitness activities like a Turkey Day or Reindeer Run into your holiday season.
    • Add charity activities in the spirit of the season, such as Angel Tree Gift giving, caroling, or
       volunteering at a local shelter.

3. General Tips. 
    Like all general weight management strategies, there are certain opportunities where you will have
    more control than others.
    • If you are providing the main meal or bringing a side dish, you can opt for healthier recipes.
    • Use smaller plates.
    • Make healthy choices (especially from the buffet table).
    • Select low calorie drinks.
    • Stop when you are full.
4. Day-of Strategies.
    Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day. These
    particular days within the holiday feasting season can be daunting.
    • Eat breakfast. Even a small breakfast will help you manage your hunger.
    • Whether you are celebrating the entire day at home or visiting multiple friends and family, space
       out your courses with other activities: a board game after the appetizers, a family football game
       before the main course, a walk through the neighborhood after dinner, a drive to enjoy the
       holiday lights after dessert.
With the help from the experts at Metabolic Medical Centers you can confidently make this holiday season a happy one, and most importantly, a healthy one.

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