Make Your Holidays Healthier: Part 1 Take Control

Happy Thanksgiving!

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I love the food, the cooler weather, football, food, especially the food. Did I mention food? I actually enjoy seeing those family members that I only see once a year.Thanksgiving can be a stressful time when you’re dieting or just trying to maintain the good work you’ve done. There are many temptations that can set off a food splurge from now until New Years.
Here’s how to take control of the holidays instead of the holidays controlling you!

Save the sweatpants for sweating.
Wear something fitted, you’re less likely to overeat when you feel your belt or button.
Don’t skip meals in order to "save up" for Thanksgiving dinner. You’re more likely to overeat.

Portion size is critical. Fill your plate with half of you normally would and add more green vegetables that aren’t swimming in gravy, butter or sauce.

Do limit the caffeine, alcohol, sugar and red meat a few days before the big day. You don’t have to eliminate them completely. These foods can cause bloating, blood sugar spikes, and digestive issues.

Stop eating when you’re full. This sounds simple I know, but there tends to be a lot of mindless eating around the dinner table as conversation starts to lag. It takes 15-20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that "it’s full". By the time that happens you’ve eating too much and may not feel so good. Give your body a little time to catch up to your brain.

My goal this year is to not gain any weight, but I think I’ve figured out I might actually lose a little.