Physician Supervised Weight Loss

Why Choose a Physician Supervised Weight Loss Program?

There are a lot of weight loss programs out there that make all sorts of lofty claims. The reality is that losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining your weight long-term are commitments that requires focus and dedication. To make the process easier, I advocate taking a team approach with a physician or healthcare provider. So when looking for a program, choosing one that offers physician supervision can make finding your path toward a healthier weight and lifestyle a little less daunting. And you are more likely to reach your weight loss and management goals successfully. Here are 4 more reasons...

1. It Isn’t Just About Weight. Losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining that weight is about more than just dropping pounds. It is a lifestyle change. There are many facets to helping you lose weight and manage it long term -- exercise, diet, overall health, mental state, etc. Having a doctor help you figure out the right balance and a tailored path based on your current physical and mental state means you are doing what is best for your body and mind.

2. It is Safer than Doing It Alone. Adding dietary and exercise changes to your lifestyle can be stressful on the body. And you need to be mindful of any underlying health conditions you may have. Having supervision from a physician means that any stress or current changes in your health will be noticed and you and your doctor will take proactive measures. You are less likely to get injured or have other ill-effects than if you go at it alone or via a program that offers non-medical supervision.

3. You Can Have a Tailored Plan. Every person is different. Every weight loss plan should, therefore, be different. Weight loss programs should not be one size fits all. A physician supervised weight loss and management plan offers you a custom plan that fits your current medical state, goals and circumstances.

4. You Will Have Long Term Success. Given that a physician supervised weight loss program offers a safer, more well rounded, realistic and mindful path than one that is not medically supervised, you are more likely to have long term success maintaining your weight. Doctors know how weight loss affects the body. They know the balance of nutrition, exercise and recovery that a body needs to be healthy. They know how current medical conditions can affect that balance. And they know that you need a foundation of good medical care and support to be successful.

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