Exercise Alone Will Not Achieve Significant Weight Loss

Exercise Alone Will Not Achieve Significant Weight Loss
Without significantly changing their diets,
few succeed. As a personal trainer for
the past 17 years I have seen this first
hand... you can exercise nonstop but if
you do not change your nutritional
plan... significant weight loss is almost

Exercise alone is not going to help
you lose weight, but hold on – what the
heck are you supposed to do then? Eat
healthier, of course. And eat specifically
to lose weight, if that’s your goal.

The take-home point is not to stop
exercising, but to know why you’re
exercising. For example: A 2009 British
Journal of Sports Medicine study
revealed that 26 of 58 overweight
patients failed to achieve any weightloss
progress through exercise. Because
physical activity did make them healthier
in other ways, including blood pressure,
resting heart rate and positive
mood, “exercise should be encouraged
and the emphasis on weight loss
reduced,” the report concluded.

If you’re going to the gym for one
hour, how many calories are you burning?”
Probably 200, 300, or if you’re
working really hard, 400. If you eat a
piece of brownie, that’s 100 calories in
less than a minute. It’s so easy to underestimate
your calorie intake. When you
eat out, you might take in 1,500 to 2,000
calories. To burn that many calories on a
treadmill, you’d have to do 90 minutes
every single day, seven days a week. It’s
not realistic.

A growing body of science suggests
that exercise does have an important
role in weight loss. That role, however,
is different from what many people
expect and probably wish. The newest
science suggests that exercise alone will
not make you thin, but it may determine
whether you stay thin, if you can
achieve that state. Exercise doesn’t necessarily
help get the weight off but
WILL definitely help KEEP the weight

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By Star Sade,

Metabolic Medical Center

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