Snake Oil or Science

I like snake oil, too. Rub it on, dab a little under your arms, inject a little bit in your abdominal wall…and POOF! Belly fat be gone! Cellulite liquefies and a phalanx of macrophages will mobilize and sweep all that gooey, fatty debris away! Fun and easy, and you don’t even have to get up from the couch while you rub on the magic fat reducing liniment.
“Not So Fast, My Friend”
Yeah, we all want to lose weight, but what we really want is to keep it off. This is where the science comes in. There are some fun steps, based on science, which we take to achieve long lasting results.

Steps To Achieve Long Lasting Results

Step #1: Move. Shake a tail feather. Studies show that those who incorporate exercise daily are able to keep the weight off. They are creative with their exercise: they stand up at their desk; they walk while talking on the phone; they do jumping jacks during commercials. Use your creativity.

Step #2: Drink the good stuff. It also happens to be the cheap stuff. Dehydration and fatigue go hand-in-hand. Some studies suggest that even mild dehydration can slow metabolism and also your energy. So, bend your elbow and drink plenty of good, cold, plain water.

Step #3: Drink even more. A little coffee or tea can boost your energy, metabolism and focus. Just don’t overdo it—we all need our sleep.

Step#4: Spice up your life—pepper your food. Hot spices help clean out those Lowcountry sinuses. Recent research suggests that piperine found in black pepper helps block the formation of new fat cells. Keep the pepper away from our offensive linemen, but the rest of us can liberally sprinkle away. Curry is my favorite as well as ginger and turmeric. The Asians have long recognized the medical properties of spices—in addition to the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, research suggests that it may aid in fat metabolism. Bollywood here we come! Those with gallstones or bile obstruction should stay home.

Step #5: Got gas? Some of our Latino brethren have figured it out. They add epazote (Mexican tea) to those bloat producing foods. Your date might really appreciate it and ask you to tango—YES! With You!
So, there is some science out there that can help you. Start with some easy steps. Add in some challenges. Stir well. Simmer…and…POOF! You just might end up healthy!

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New feature each month you will meet one of our medical techs.

This is Farrah.
I’m proud to say I have been a member of the MMC team for almost 14 years. During this time, we have helped thousands of South Carolinians make lifestyle changes and reach their weight loss goals.
I’m passionate about my job and really enjoy what we do. Motivating others also keeps me motivated! To stay fit and healthy I work out and follow our maintenance plan. Any exercise that involves water is a favorite. I use our protein supplements on a daily basis.
Every morning I add my hot black coffee to our Amaretto hot chocolate mix. That is my breakfast and coffee all in one. This also eliminates the need for cream and sugar and saves a ton of calories. Coffees, lattes and other morning beverages can end upwards of 700 calories just by adding a few things to them. You could have had a piece of cake!
Mine is only 80 calories and I have started my day off on the right foot. We will teach you easy exchanges like this one that has helped myself and others so much. Come in and let us help you too!

Dr. Michal Baird is the medical director of Metabolic Medical Center (MMC). She graduated from Medical University of South Carolina with a MD degree and completed a residency in Emergency Medicine in Worcester, Mass. She practiced emergency medicine full time from 1982 to 2003 and part-time from 2003 to 2005, along with working at MMC. She started working full time at MMC as Medical Director in December 2005. She is married and her husband is employed by the Charleston County school system. He is also an artist and part-time musician. Their son will be a freshman at Clemson in the fall. Her passions are cooking, college sports and promoting good health.

Have Fun, Lose Weight,
Get Healthy and Love Life!

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