Are You Ready for the Next Round? Spring Temptations to Your Weight Loss Goals

Just when you think you’ve gotten a handle on your New Year’s Resolution to create a healthier, happier you, the another round of late winter and early spring events sprout up to challenge your resolve.

Some of them are those holidays we all know: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardis Gras.

Mardis Gras King Cake
Some of them are annual fundraisers for local community groups and organizations: chili-offs, oysters roasts, pig pickings.

Some of them are well-established festivals and promotions that cater to visitors and residents alike: South Carolina Restaurant Week, South Eastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE), Charleston Food + Wine Festival, the Friends Gala, Tartan Day South, Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival, SOS Mid-Winter Break, and others.

Some of them are national events that have swept the nation for the people interested in them: the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards, and many other award shows.

As with any sponsored event or festival, you will need to remind yourself of the steps you can take to enjoy yourself and not overindulge. Most festivals have the added benefit of having a variety of stations which require us to move around.

But when it comes to attending parties to watch a live event on television, often hosted by your friends and family, it’s definitely time to revisit your New Year’s plans for weight management.

The inner athlete in you will want to have a game plan for a successful Super Bowl Sunday. 

The inner starlet in you will want to you to shine beyond the performances being honored.

Regardless of which event you will be watching, you’ll want to have an action plan the day of the event:

  • Event Day Prep: keep your normal workout; keep your daily eating routine
  • Warm Up: scope out the available offerings
  • Offensive Strategy: Contribute a healthy option (; select the healthier options for food and drink; keep to small portions; move away from the buffet to avoid grazing.
  • Defensive Strategy: avoid options with no nutritional value; fill your plate as friends and family may be unaware of your goals.

The food and drink are merely accessories to the actual event: the excitement of an exciting football game with clever commercials and an interesting half-time show; and the stunning fashion couture and the recognition of exemplary and innovative artistic performers and creators in the film, theater, and music industries; and most importantly, the camaraderie amongst your friends and family.

The experts at the Metabolic Medical Centers can help you devise personal strategies for your weight management during special events and every day.

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