Perfect Timing

The Weight Loss Advantange

What you eat has the greatest impact on your overall health and weight loss, When you eat can give you the weight loss advantage.

A recent study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that late-day eaters (people who ate their largest meal after 3 pm) lost less weight overall, and shed pounds at a slower rate than early-day eaters (people who ate their largest meal before 3 pm).

Eating your largest meal before 3 pm gives you the greatest chance of burning calories. It also helps ease cravings. Eating late raises blood glucose and insulin levels which trigger cravings. It can raise body temperature and disrupt sleep.

When you pair the proven results of any of Metabolic Medical Center's weight loss plans with timing, you have an unbeatable advantage.

Timing Tips
Eat your largest meal before 3 pm and eat smaller after 3pm.

Never eat within 3 hours of bedtime.

Eat every 3-4 hours. Eating every 3-4 hours gets your metabolism up and running keeping you steady all day without the dips and peaks of waiting until you're starving. Eat steadily throughout the day and keep hunger at bay.

Eat within 1 hour of waking up. Mom was right, eating breakfast is important. Eggs, Fish, Profast Oatmeal or a Profast Shake is all you need to get your body working.

Have protein with every meal. Protein keeps you full and satisfied until your next snack/meal.

If you workout, eat within 45 minutes of finishing a workout. Do not exercise on an empty stomach. If you don't want a meal, this is a perfect time for a Profast Shake.

Keeping a daily food diary is an excellent way to get used to tracking your food. Begin by doing this everyday until you develop a habit, then check in with you eating habits once a week to remain on track.